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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Poem

Empty Boats in Yamuna

How many were there - The boats : empty , abandoned and  waiting,

Where did the travelers go who were to ride them on their return

An afternoon was passing through our bodies like a train and there were

A few swifts with colors of sunset glittering in their eyes

There was Glue bursting out of the trunks of trees

Forlorn nests on the branches

There were lonesome,  shriveled  lanes,

A few tattered houses drowned in ennui

melting was a river under their foundation

Since the time immemorial

After their past birth these stairs of Ghat were reborn

as boats in 1987 AD

They habituated in waiting at the banks

For years together they are in meditation : lonely and empty

waiting for the pilgrims

We do not know what they shall become

After the exoneration from the curse and leaving the passengers

Back to the Ghat!